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There were many noble charitable organizations I could have worked with for this race, but I chose The Family Place because I've had the opportunity to witness firsthand the importance and impact of early childhood interventions and education on children's ability to thrive.

As new parents in the Upper Valley, my husband and I were constantly wondering if our little guy was developing on track. Around 9 months old, we had concerns about his mobility. Our pediatrician referred us to The Family Place and we heard back from them the next day! They started providing services for our son and before you knew it, he was literally up and running! Not only did our son thrive, but my husband and I felt confident in our understanding of the different milestones and now had the skills to promote his development. 

I now work for The Family Place as a family support home visitor, providing support and parent education to families with young children. I chose to run for The Family Place, because I believe the services they provide are crucial in helping families in our community thrive!

Please join me in supporting The Family Place! I'm proud to support this wonderful organization, and appreciate all of you for joining me!

ABOUT Covered Bridges Half Marathon 2019

We are a team of runners supporting The Family Place in its 33rd year of providing education, support and services to Upper Valley children and families.

Our team members have committed to raising at least $500 each by running in the Covered Bridges Half Marathon on Sunday, June 3, 2019. Money from fundraisers like the Covered Bridges Half Marathon is vital to The Family Place because it isn't earmarked for any specific program; instead it can be applied to wherever the need is greatest. It's only with the support of our generous community that we can provide continuous, comprehensive services to every family!

If you have any questions, please contact Hali Issente at

Name Date Amount Comments
Hali Issente 04/17/2019 $15.00 Thank you for running for The Family Place!
Beth Conant 04/16/2019 $25.00 Go're an inspiration to us all!
Helene Meloche 04/09/2019 $25.00  
Michelle Hunsberger 04/08/2019 $20.00 So happy to support you in this effort!
Giavanna Munafo 04/08/2019 $25.00  
Julia Dickenson 04/08/2019 $25.00 Good luck Anya!!
Nancy Bloomfield 04/08/2019 $25.00 You're an inspiration, Anya!
Eric Tadlock 04/04/2019 $25.00 Thanks for running!
Rett Emerson 03/14/2019 $30.00  
Katy Almstrom 03/13/2019 $50.00 You're awesome! Have fun!
Lindsay Ufford 03/01/2019 $30.00  
Kathryn Petuck 02/26/2019 $20.00 Thanks for running for us!
Anonymous Friend 02/21/2019 $25.00 Anya, Thank you for supporting The Family Place in this way. Your story is very inspiring. Best wishes on run day.
Natalie Traendly 02/16/2019 $20.00  
Sarah Orr 02/15/2019 $50.00 Run Anya, run.
Sally Conant 02/15/2019 $25.00 You’d better kill it aka good luck
Deborah Cushman 02/06/2019 $20.00  
Sarah Schneider 01/16/2019 $25.00 Good luck Anya and thank you for supporting our work!
Hannah Caldwell 01/15/2019 $20.00 Go Anya!!!
  Total $500.00  
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